Highgate Hill’s Top Short Term Rentals and Holiday Accommodation

Highgate Hill

For those who are interested in staying around the Brisbane central business district but cannot stand the noisy surrounds that the city’s hotels provide, we have a great alternative. With various-sized accommodation options to cater for everyone from the solo business traveller to a family of five plus on holiday, you will most definitely find something to perfectly fit your needs.

The capital of Queensland truly is a beautiful city, with so many activities to keep you busy for days on end. But after you’ve had enough for the day, the last thing you want to do is head back to the hotel with your kids and all split up into separate rooms. Worse still, lunches and dinners out every day will have a big impact on your budget, too. So if you’re looking for an affordable alternative to inner city hotels that have all the facilities you need, we have the solution for you in the quiet suburb of Highgate Hill.

accommodation in highgate hill

Providing all guests with exceptional short term and holiday rentals

Business or holiday, whatever your purpose for visiting this amazing city, we are here to deliver accommodation that is sure to impress as well as a premium level of customer service. We pride ourselves in the amount of fantastic feedback we’re consistently receiving, and go above and beyond to ensure our reputation is nothing less than exceptional.

The Highgate Hill short term accommodation we offer may range in size, but it in no way wavers in style and quality. Only 2km south of the Brisbane CBD, you’re able to very easily make your way in and see all the sights, and once you’re finished you can then grab some ingredients on your way back to cook up a feast of your own in the kitchen.

Forget paying hotel prices and dinners out!

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Not only servicing Highgate Hill but also all over the outskirts of Brisbane including Kangaroo Point and Ashgrove, you’re free to decide the best spot for you. For any additional information you may need, or if you have a question about how we can help you with short term rentals, please send us an online enquiry. Alternatively, you can call us directly on (+617) 3846 4333 to have a chat with one of our friendly staff members.